Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Some old ORACLE faithfuls...

Although the below has been recovered from only one pass, you can see enough to get the gist!  I'll do more passes later.  These have come from a 1990 Beta tape.

Home, sweet home

This was always one of my regular pages!

Alistair's code performs surprisingly well on a clock cracker.

 I hope this one improves with more passes!

Here's a strange one.  The header reads "5 Text", which would be impressive being as Channel Five was only a twinkle in the Government's eye in 1990 - this is because it's been matched by a header finder.  Whatever the header reads for this page, it must be vaguely similar to a 5 Text header.  I've since removed the 5 Text finder, so hopefully I might see what packet 0 actually says.

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